I am an environmentalist and campaign strategist working to inspire teams to mobilize and confront challenges threatening life on this planet. My specialties are climate change, renewable energy, senior management, nonprofit communications, international social issues, social media engagement, visual media and digital products. I’m a change agent who has helped legacy organizations embrace the digital, agile future.

Currently, I am a Senior Global Campaign Strategist for Greenpeace, working on climate change, renewable energy and food campaigns with an emphasis on campaign design, supporter engagement and digital platforms. I’m also part of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, trained by Al Gore for climate activism in 2017 and a SolarCity / Tesla Energy ambassador. I also regularly volunteer with progressive nonprofits in the Washington, DC area including Our Revolution, Sierra Club,, Sunrise Movement and many others. In my career, I’ve worked for and with CNN, PBS, ITVS, TechTV, Voice of America, Internews and Huffington Post. My projects have taken me across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Before my activist career, I was an award-winning journalist, digital strategist, video producer and consultant specializing in the Middle East, international social issues, media training, social media, digital platforms and agile project management. I have a solid track record in defining digital strategy, product launches and overseeing restructuring of legacy organizations.